What are vacuum pump spare parts?

What are vacuum pump spare parts?

We have the electrical motor on the back, the compressor at the front, a handle on top and a support base on the bottom. We then have an inlet which connects to the system to remove the air from the system and we also have the exhaust to disperse this to atmosphere.

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Guangdong Wordfik Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 in Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The company has a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Since its establishment, it has aimed to build a vacuum pump maintenance super factory. It specializes in providing customers with various types of vacuum pump repair, maintenance, testing and debugging, vacuum system design and installation, and vacuum pump rental services. The maintenance plant covers an area of about 3,500 square meters. Dust workshop decoration design, dismantling workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop, spare parts warehouse, equipment room, technical department, cleaning room, etc.

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Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Air Filters

Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Air Filters

The sliding gap of the vacuum pump is very small, and the foreign medium contains particles and dirt, which will destroy the sliding surface, attach or block the sliding surface of the pump, and cause the pump to not work normally. To prevent foreign matter from being drawn into the pump, a filter is required to block it from entering the pump. If there are air impurities that are not filtered and cleared, and enter the pump, it may cause the oil pipe to be blocked and the lubricating oil to become mixed. Later maintenance and repair: The air filter of the vacuum pump should be cleaned regularly to prevent the impurity staying in the filter from being sucked into the pump and causing the pump to get stuck.

Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Air Filters

Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Oil Filters

Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Oil Filters

The oil filter is also known as the oil filter. The vacuum pump oil filter is an oil filter device configured by many imported vacuum pump brands. It is set on the pump oil return pipeline. The main purpose is to capture the pollutants that occur or invade the system in the oil return tank. Therefore, it is also an important filter device to control the pollution concentration of the system.

Vacuum Pump Spare Parts | Oil Filters

vacuum pump spare parts | Common Failure Situations of Vacuum Pump Parts

Vacuum pump Spare Parts | Common Failure Situations of Vacuum Pump Parts

1. Wear

Wear is a common failure mode of vacuum pump parts. One is the friction and wear of contact surfaces between parts under lubricated conditions, which often occurs in gears, cylinders, vanes, rotor sliding bearings, and rolling bearings.

2. Fatigue break

Fatigue is a failure mechanism and crack generation is a failure mode.

3. Deformation

Deformation is also a common failure mode for vacuum pump parts.

4. Corrosion

Corrosion is another mode of failure of vacuum pump parts.

vacuum pump spare parts | Common Failure Situations of Vacuum Pump Parts
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In general, a pump uses less power than an air compressor, and it's much cheaper to purchase. However, it doesn't have a storage capacity, whereas a compressor can store pressurized gas. A pump only transfers fluids and not store them.

Vacuum systems consist of vacuum pumps and tanks mounted on a skid or truck. The vacuum pump creates a vacuum in the tank and the oil moves directly through a hose or pipe to the tank from the skimmer or the source of the oil. The oil does not go through the pump, but moves directly from its source into the tank.

Compressor oil is a necessary component in any air conditioning system that uses compressor in its compression system. There are three main purposes of the oil. They are used for lubrication, removal of heat and for sealing.

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