What is a rotary vane vacuum pump?

What is a rotary vane vacuum pump?

A rotary vane vacuum pump in its simplest definition is a type of pump technology that enables the compression of air inside the pump chamber to create suction for the removal of air molecules from a vessel or area. Rotary vane vacuum pump works on a positive-displacement pumping principle.

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Application of rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a basic equipment used to remove the gas in a specific sealed container, so that the container can obtain a certain vacuum. Due to the high development of modern science and technology, the application of rotary vane vacuum pump has spread throughout various scientific fields and various enterprises and institutions. It can be used for scientific research, production and teaching in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medical treatment, pharmacy, printing and dyeing, electrical appliances, electric vacuum, semiconductor, food, atomic energy, textile, etc. And widely used in oil presses.

Application of rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump performance characteristics

The rotary vane vacuum pump has the following characteristics in performance:

1. Small size, light weight and low noise;

2. Equipped with a gas ballast valve, which can extract a small amount of water vapor;

3. High ultimate vacuum;

4. Built-in forced oil feeding, sufficient lubrication and reliable performance;

5. Equipped with automatic anti-return oil double safety device;

6. No oil leakage, no fuel injection, no pollution to the working environment, the exhaust device is equipped with a special oil mist collector;

Rotary vane vacuum pump performance characteristics

Structure description of rotary vane vacuum pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, which continuously operates the rotary vane in the pump chamber to inhale and compress the gas, and finally discharge it through the exhaust port. The pump is mainly composed of stator, rotor, rotary vane, etc. The rotor is eccentrically installed into the stator cavity. There are two rotary vanes in the rotor slot, and the rotary vane spring is placed between the two rotary vanes. The inlet and exhaust ports on the stator are separated into two parts by the rotor and the rotor. When the rotor rotates in the stator cavity, under the combined action of the spring tension and its own centrifugal force, the end of the rotary vane slides against the inner wall of the pump cavity, periodically expanding the cavity volume on the air inlet side and inhaling gas. Gradually reduce the volume of the exhaust port, compress the inhaled gas, and then discharge it from the exhaust port to achieve the purpose of pumping.

Structure description of rotary vane vacuum pump
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Rotary vane vacuum pump works on a positive-displacement pumping principle. The design consists of a rotor, which is mounted eccentrically inside a cylindrical housing or stator. Blades, mounted inside the rotor, move in and out due to centrifugal force following the internal surface of the housing.

The air is injected into the compressor through a valve, where it is contained between the rotor and the chamber wall, located in a chamber. As the rotor turns, the air becomes compressed, and the volume decreases.

Rotary pumps are commonly used for pumping high viscosity liquids such as oil including in handling lube oil and fuel oil in engine rooms. They are typically classified based on the type of rotating element they utilise.

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